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Kimberly Marrero Art Advisor


"Everything you can imagine is real."
- Pablo Picasso

"Art is art-as-art. Everything else is everything else."
- Ad Reinhardt

Corporate Services


  • Researching, selecting and acquiring artwork in a variety of media and styles to complement a client's lifestyle and environment – both corporate collections and individual works of art.
  • Collaborating with clients, architects and interior designers to select artwork that reflects their aesthetic and budgetary requirements.
  • Recommending and assisting in the selection of archival framing to compliment both art and design elements. Conservation of existing artwork and framing.
  • Evaluating existing collections to recommend reuse or deaccession of artwork.
  • Installing artwork creatively and expeditiously.
  • Working as a liaison with certified Art Appraisers for insurance, charitable and estate purposes.
  • Creating written and visual inventory databases of collections.
  • Consulting with artists on developing a portfolio which includes a professional critique, establishing an artist's statement, CV, and applying for grants and residencies.
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Client Consulting

Private clients are billed at $200 per hour. This fee applies to the following tasks and all other such work conducted on behalf of the client.


  • Initial consult (minimum of one hour)
  • Subsequent consults and home visits
  • Art research
  • Gallery appointments
  • Framing arrangements
  • Shipping arrangements, including condition reports and insurance coverage
  • Art installation arrangements
  • Billing and follow-up with gallery / artist studio / auction house
  • Art appraisals


Ms. Marrero will negotiate the very best price on behalf of her clients. Discounts are shared equally with clientele and serve as commission for art sales. KM Art Advisory does not receive any additional fees from galleries, dealers or artists. Consulting fees for scheduled gallery or studio appointments will be deducted should client make a related purchase. The resulting amount is subject to time invested vs. percentage obtained from sale.


Compensation is paid directly to KM Art Advisory from client, not by the gallery, artist, other collector, etc., unless mutually agreed upon in writing. All framing, shipping, installation, etc. are additional fees based on the above hourly rate. Costs for these services will be invoiced directly to clients by service provider.


Consultations include archiving artwork, researching art valuations and legacy gifts.


KM Art Advisory provides professional artworld guidance including; portfolio review, composed artist statements, editing, selecting and applying for appropriate grants and curatorial mentoring. Read more about this program.